Coco de Cafe

Coco de Cafe

Ice cream is considered a "Comfort food"it is one of those foods that's wonderful all year-round!  This is a delicious dark chocolate decaf organic coffee ice cream made with a coconut base.  It is gluten free, dairy free and vegan and tastes like a wonderful cappuccino.  This ice cream will not give you the jitters you can eat it anytime.  The reason I use organic decaf coffee is because regular decaf coffee usually is decaffeinated with chemicals that can cause problems with arthritis and other illnesses.  Coco de Cafe also has certified organic gluten free wheat grass!

Blueberry Passion Ice Cream

Blueberry Passion Ice Cream

This ice cream is creamy and delicious made with blueberries, passion fruit, oranges, apples, pineapple, strawberries and grapes and has a coconut base.  The fruits blend together to make this ice cream an all time favorite! Blueberry Passion Ice Cream is made with certified organic gluten free wheat grass!
Strawberry Beetgrass Ice Cream

Strawberry Beetgrass Ice Cream

This ice cream is my remake of every ones' favorite strawberry ice cream.  I added red beets that I marinate in honey so that they don't taste earthy (the polite way of saying that they don't taste like dirt) this ice cream has honey so it's not considered vegan.  But, it is dairy and gluten free and does not contain animal products. Strawberry Beetgrass is made with a coconut base but you will think you're eating whole milk ice cream.  Strawberry Beetgrass ice cream is made with certified organic and gluten free wheat grass!
SWHEATEZ Half Pint Ice Creams

SWHEATEZ Half Pint Ice Creams

Swheatez has 3 half pint ice creams:

Two that are Gluten Free-Dairy Free & Vegan:

  • Coco de Cafe: Rich chocolate and organic decaf coffee
  • Blueberry Passion: Blueberries and passion fruit with a variety of fruits that's rich and creamy
One ice cream that has "Honey" so it is not vegan;
It is Dairy Free-Gluten Free and no animal products 
  • Strawberry Beetgrass:  Wonderful strawberry ice cream that's creamy, healthy and delicious.  A great way to get the picky eater their fruits and veggies.

Party Platters

Party Platters

PLATTERS AVAILABILITY: Kansas City, Jackson County, Kansas City Kansas, Overland Park Areas Only, if you have a question about if Swheatez Platters are available in your area Email me at swheatez@yahoo.com  

All orders are subject to time availability and payment in advance.  No shipping will be done for the cakes or platters, large orders of cakes just don't ship well.

Swheatez Cakes are a great way to celebrate a special day! Parties and special occasions are so much fun, but with all the allergies and restricted diets sometimes it's hard to be able to have great tasting alternatives for everyone.  Swheatez will offer just that; the only problem you'll have is did you order enough because everyone will want Swheatez Cakes, they taste that great, so make sure you order enough.  

The Platters come in 30 mini cupcakes or 48 mini cupcakes sizes .
30 Mini Cupcake Platter:
  • 30 mini cupcakes $75.00 for all Cocoa Mocha or Specialty Spice Cake or 15 of each for a mixed Platter
48 Mini Cupcake Platter:
  • 48 mini cupcakes $85.00 for all Cocoa Mocha or Specialty Spice Cake or 24 of each for a mixed Platter
A $20.00 dollar cash deposit for each cupcake carry needed for your order will be required; the deposit will be held for 2 weeks after the event and after the carrier is returned in same condition your deposit will be refunded.  After 2 weeks time unless agreed to a longer timeframe in advance; if the carrier or carriers are not returned you will forfeit your deposit.

The Platters can be rented for a $100.00 cash deposit for each Platter (Scheduling of Platter is required to make sure it's available) same time frame of 2 weeks in the return and if it's broken or chipped no refund will be given.

Larger Platter or 2 or more Platters:
  • Large Banquets or Parties (144 cupcakes) or more, must be agreed to with advance prepayment and at least a 30 day notice for scheduling must be given and approved by me, Linda the Owner of Swheatez.  
  • If you desire that I deliver and set up the cupcake tray or platters a charge of $25.00 dollars every 1/2 hour including drive time and mileage of $2.00 a mile not to exceed 50 miles each way, will be charged; prior approval is required  and at least a 30 day notice must be given.  
  • A minimum of 2 hours or $100.00 dollars will be charged to have me set up the Platters' of cupcakes. (If I set up no fees for carriers will be charged)
  • If I set-up and it is agreed that I will not stay and remove the Platters and Supplies then arrangement for the return of leased or rented items must be agreed on. 
  • If helium filled balloons are desired to connect to a centerpiece on the tray; advanced notice is required and $5.00 dollar per plain 1 color balloon will be charged.

Cupcake Carrier:



Birthday Parties:

Retirement Parties:


I'm so happy that I found these amazing cakes, & I can't wait to try the ice creams and the ice cream cake, yum!  

Linda is caring and has a true passion and a knack for gluten free and vegan baking, I really love the Spice Cake!

EMAIL Testimonial: By Jan on June 25, 2016

EMAIL Testimonial: By Jan on June 25, 2016

"I had a sample of your spice cake at Terra. I was tempted to take all the rest of it, hit anyone over the head with a blunt object who tried to stop me, and run out the door with every crumb.. All I could get was those little tiny ones, which would all have been gone by the time I got to my car. Forget about those tiny little things. I want a big one. I want a truck load of them if I have to rob a bank to get them. I can think of nothing else. Where can I get a lot of that stuff? Do you sell to the public? Do you sell whole, large cakes?" JAN

This is flattering but not recommended, thanks!!
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